Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Round 3.

I'm titling this Round 3 because I'm pretty sure this is my 3rd come back!! hahahaha!! 

We are in Florida in our new house and loving every minute of Nolan Edward!  This kid keeps us on our toes, Gray and I are amazed at how much we love him and how adorable we think EVERYTHING he does is!!  It's so funny!!  I've been trying to get Nolan sleeping in his own bed (that's for another post) but last night we couldn't seem to leave his room because we just kept watching him play instead of sleep then when he finally fell asleep we couldn't seem to walk away because he looked so adorable!  Note:  when I say, "leave his room" I mean the doorway trying not to be seen.  My husband is not so good at the being quiet part...he just wants Nolan to know so bad that he's there and Gray wants to swoop in and pick up Nolan SO BAD!  It's kind of hilarious although I'll be the one to calm Nolan down if Gray gets him up.  Gray has officially been threatened with his life if he wakes Nolan up again!! 

The first night we had Nolan in his bed, Nolan fell asleep pretty easily and I was thinking this is going to be easier than I thought!  Little did I know Gray thinks the baby monitor is the coolest invention ever.  Side story:  I guess guys don't know about or ever pay attention to a baby monitor.  I never thought about that until recently; I knew all about baby monitors from my babysitting days and seeing them at friends' houses.  Gray, not so much.  Back to the original story, I had the monitor on the "voice activation" setting (not on purpose), as my sweet little man is sleeping in his crib I hear a loud cry come out and run in to see my little man awake and Gray looking guilty but laughing REALLY hard.  I was frustrated because I knew Gray did something just not sure what.  Gray kept saying, "Sara, I'm sorry but that was hilarious!!"  I sternly told him waking Nolan up was not hilarious!  Gray said, "you didn't hear that?"  All I heard was Nolan crying....Gray went up to the monitor base and using his arm pit made a loud farting noise (which woke Nolan up)!  Because of the setting of the monitor it didn't pick up the farting noise, just Nolan crying!!  Gray thought he was so funny, I admit, I did laugh but after I got Nolan back to sleep...again!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't call it a comeback....

That's right, I'm coming back!! Not a day goes by that I don't think about something to blog about!  It's time to get back on the wagon and document this crazy life of ours!!  New post coming later...hahahaha!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hosptial and Newborn Photos!! part I

My sweet neighbor and friend, Holly, took these pictures for us in the hospital then came over to take newborn photos of Nolan Edward!  I had EVERY intention of doing a birth announcement with these photos but life has gotten in the way.  Let's face it, I can barely get thank you notes out (just kidding mom)...but not really!! :)

sweet baby face!!

Gray found many uses for the boppy!
My favorite hospital band....FALL RISK!  (always makes you feel good!)
proud daddy!

Nolan Edward Ange!
These were all on taken May 4th, 2011.  Nolan's birthday!! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

blogging failure.

Well, I haven't blogged in a month and a half. I lay in bed and think about all the stuff to blog about and it's overwhelming!  There has been so much wonderful for us and so much "are you kidding me?!!"  in the past month and a half!  The wonderful would be our amazing Nolan!  We just love that guy like no other!  I don't know how Gray is going to go back to work because so many times during the day we call each other over (stop whatever you are doing) and come look at the cuteness in front of us!!  We are totally in love with him!! I have so much updates about him, he is changing so much!  Of course, we think he's the cutest ever and everything he does is adorable...even when he cries!! 
The "are you kidding me?!!" is our house.  A week and a half before we were supposed to close, the girl who was buying our house couldn't get her loan approved.  Note to self:  don't take an unpaid vacation the month before you are supposed to buy a house!!!  AAAHHHHH!!  Gray and I were really disappointed to say the least!  The good news is, about 3 weeks later (one week ago) we got another contract on our house.  I'm not convinced this person is much smarter than the the original offer she wanted our bedroom set WITH OUR MATTRESS!  Do you really want a strangers mattress??  I am trying not to be too skeptical but already in my mind this lady has, "I'm going to take an unpaid vacation this month" written all over her.  (it wasn't just the mattress, a few other things too!)  As of now, we are set to close on or before August 5th!  We are planning to get back to FL before then, just not sure.  Add that to the list of unknowns in our life. 
One thing we do know is we have a precious baby that is the sweetest guy we have ever met!  Gray and I are loving every day with Nolan Edward Ange!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coming home from the hospital.

I had Nolan on Wednesday, May 4th and on Friday, May 6th Dr. Newman and the nurse said if I was ready to go home I could or I could stay another night.  There really wasn't anything they could do for me at the hospital that my mom or Gray couldn't have done for me at home!  :)  Gray and I decided mid-morning that we would try to leave the hospital by late Friday afternoon.  I went in to the hospital with a bad cold and by Friday I started coughing really bad and my nurse was a little concerned about what she heard in my lungs.  With my lung history, the nurse called Dr. Newman and ordered a chest x-ray. I also requested something for the coughing because it was hurting to cough and I just wanted it to go away!  Thankfully, my chest x-ray came back normal...just stinky to feel so miserable!  They advised me to take Robitussin DM when I got home and continue my other pain medicines.  Gray and I were so excited to leave with Nolan but a little nervous too.  They let us leave the hospital with a newborn, no Dept. of Family and Children's Services involvement or anything!!  Just us with a 2 day old baby!!  Craziness.

Because I was feeling pretty poorly, I didn't get any pics of Nolan in his "coming home" outfit by himself not in his carseat ( -1 for mom).  I wasn't totally thinking I felt like we had moved into the room and we had a lot to get out.  Here are our pictures of us leaving the hospital, a family of 3!  :)

As we left our room I was creeping through the hall (because it's hard walking quickly after a c-section people!) and Dr. Newman happened to be coming out of another room waiting to deliver a baby so I asked her if we could get some pictures!  She was so sweet and said she would love to, she also asked the nurse walking by to please get me a wheel-chair, I was trying not to be dramatic but it sure was nice to not have to walk!!  (doesn't she just look so nice?!  LOVE her!!)

We got the wheelchair and Dr. Newman stayed with us and took pictures for us! 

Our Nurse Kelly came out with us and took this picture of us, not my favorite picture of myself by good documentation anyway!! 
Coming home we took the back roads, Gray decided we didn't need to chance it on the interstate! :)  I called my mom (who was at our house already making dinner) to let her know we'd be arriving soon with Baby Nolan!

We had to show Nolan his room!
Welcome Home Nolan Edward, Welcome Home!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interrupted Sleep, Interrupted Life.

This morning at 4:45 am I found myself laying in bed thinking, "if I'm very still Nolan won't hear anything and he'll fall back to sleep!!"  I stayed in bed for a few minutes thinking my 2 week old may soothe himself, but he didn't.  I felt a tad guilty that I would lay there hoping for more sleep.  He's only 2 weeks old, what was I really expecting?  Sadly, I thought the same thing at 7:45 when he started fussing again.  Poor guy!  Of course, I got out of bed and got him up and I fed him.  When I was holding him the guilt of feeling like I needed more sleep was weighing heavy on me.  How selfish.

I was feeling especially guilty because last night (around 11 pm) as Gray and I were laying in bed and I was feeding Nolan, Gray and I were talking about what a gift Nolan is to us and how he truly came in God's time!  This has been a late night discussion for Gray and I for several nights now.  We feel so incredibly blessed to have him and he is just perfect in every way!  I told Gray I can't believe that last July I sat in Dr. Newman's office and just cried because I so desperately wanted a baby and I was looking for any way to make that happen and hoping she would help.  She did offer to put me on some fertility meds but she also said that she didn't think I needed it and I would become pregnant in time.  She offered to put me on meds because she saw my desperation, my tears and knew all too well the heartache I was feeling for a baby.  I left her office with a prescription but chose to not fill it and to lean on her advice and wisdom.  It was the end of August that I found out I was pregnant! In God's time, not ours!

Gray and I can definitely see a recurring theme throughout our marriage and our lives.  We get disappointed, feel like it's the end and in God's time things are brought full circle and we look back and can't believe where we came from and don't know how we made it out.  This past spring, I did a Deeper Bible study with my church on Priscilla Shirer's study of Jonah.  That was perfect timing for me because it was about the interrupted life and how our messes are made beautiful by God in His time.  One thing I have in my notes is, "sometimes the greatest message is the mess of your life."  That is so true for us, we have a story that is still being written.  Yes, we currently have messes in our lives but we also have hope and second chances all around.  The last 3 years have been the hardest for me personally and for Gray and I as a couple because I have felt consumed with mess.  I felt like it was one disappointment after another.  Yes, I have a perfect newborn sitting by my side as I type, but I truly believe God has transformed our hearts.  It's not about us just having a baby, it's about life and dealing with the mess and trying to find the message within.  When my mom was here helping me after Nolan came she really encouraged me to pray about my feelings about certain issues and ask God why I am feeling the way I do.  I am in the process of doing that and haven't had any breakthroughs yet...but I know God will show me.  It may take a while, I'm a little on the stubborn side which doesn't help! :)

Here is what Jonah cryed out to God while he was inside the whale, I can't begin to tell you how many times I have felt this and wish I could tell you I responded in the same way as Jonah.  Instead, I chose to fight and take on the "woe is me" attitude."  I am still working on this and need to be reminded daily that this isn't about me:

"From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God.  He said:  
In my distress I called to the Lord, and he answered me.  From the depths of the grave I called for help, and you listened to my cry.  You hurled me into the deep, into the very heart of the seas, and the currents swirled about me; all your waves and breakers swept over me.  I said, I have been banished from your sight; yet I will look again toward your holy temple.  The engulfing waters threatened me, the deep surrounded me; seaweed was wrapped around my head.  To the roots of the mountains I sank down; the earth beneath barred me in forever.  But you brought my life up from the pit, O Lord my God.  When my life was ebbing away, I remembered you, Lord, and my prayer rose to you, to your holy temple.  Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.  But I, with a song of thanksgiving will sacrifice to you.  What I have vowed I will make good.  Salvation comes from the Lord. 
And the Lord commanded the fish and it vomited Jonah onto dry land."    Jonah, chapter 2

While it's hard to be thankful for life's interruptions, I sit with a full heart today thankful for the interruptions I've had and the miracles and appreciation I have from those interruptions and experiences gained!! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Proudest Daddy Around!!!

Gray is SO in love with Nolan...I better watch out because Nolan definitely has his dad's attention!! It is so sweet!  Because of my c-section I wasn't able to do as much in the hospital and Gray just stepped up like he's been doing this forever!  I couldn't believe how much Gray did without hesitation or question of himself....I found myself asking Gray if he thought certain things I was doing was right or not!  Gray was a pro at suctioning Nolan's mouth (which had to be done frequently the day of his birth), G was the main burper (and still is), Gray handled all the diapers (unless he lucked out and a nurse was checking Nolan then the nurse would handle it).  I didn't change a diaper until we came home!  Gray has just been amazing, I never doubted his greatness but he hasn't been around newborns either so I didn't know what he would do!  Gray and I have had a strong marriage,  I am more in love with him now than ever before!  He is looking out for Nolan and I and truly being the dad God has called him to be!  I love my baby daddy!!!  :)
Here are some pictures of Gray with Nolan in the hospital...
Gray took the majority of pictures we have from the hospital and I was able to take a few of him as I could!  I love this man and this baby!!

May 4, 2011, part II

Nolan Edward Ange was born at 11:08 am weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces, perfect in every way!!  They immediately take him over and check him thoroughly and when I was done being stitched up the nurses told me that his blood sugar was low and they were going to have to take him to the nursery and supplement with formula to make sure his blood sugar would come back up.  They asked me if I had a preference of formula....I haven't even looked into formula and have NO CLUE what I would choose?!  In my hesitancy, Dr. Newman just leaned over and said, "Enfamil."  That was it, give him Enfamil.  Next, how do I want him fed:  bottle, syrenge, finger?  Ok, I just had a kid and within minutes I have to answer questions I've thought nothing about.  I told them I'd prefer no bottle because I was hoping to breastfeed and they said ok.
I went into recovery and had 2 nurses and Gray still with me.  The recovery room wasn't bad, it was quiet so Gray had time to show me some of the pictures that he had taken during the delivery and after.  I couldn't believe I was looking at OUR son!  I commented to the nurses at one point about how weird it was that I knew I just had a baby but I really hadn't gotten to see him that good or hold him and that I was now a mom.  It wasn't necessarily depressing as it was surreal to sit there and think I just had a baby and someone else has him.  I just wanted to hold him!  I wasn't even really worried that there was something horribly wrong...maybe it was the medicines or that I just didn't have time to worry....I just went with what they told me and trusted things would be fine.  They said this is common and happens to about 50% of babies.  After we were in recovery for a little while the pediatric nurse came in and told me that Nolan was doing well and that she had finger fed him some formula and he seemed hungry and they expected his numbers to go up.
After about 1 1/2 hours in recovery they brought me to my room.  Once I got in my room and somewhat settled I asked for them to please check on Nolan and find out when I could see him.  The nurse was walking out of the room saying she would check and they were wheeling baby Nolan in to us!!  I was SO EXCITED!!  The nurses were great and said they knew I wanted to hold him so they would bring him to me and I needed to try and feed him.  I was a little apprehensive because I really knew nothing about breastfeeding.  I didn't read any books or do any research, I just assumed they would help me in the hospital.  Little did I know, in God's perfect form, Nolan was born knowing all about breastfeeding!  He immediately knew what to do and latched on like he had been doing it for years!  It was so amazing to know that God gave him that and made him to want that!  I loved it...Gray and I are still amazed by this!!
Here are some pics of me holding Nolan and Nolan's 1st bath.  He wasn't a huge fan of his bath until it came time to wash his hair....he LOVED having his hair was hilarious!!

The rest of the day flew by!! We had lots of visitors!  I hate that I didn't get pictures with everyone who came to visit us in the hospital, it was hectic at times and we missed out on some kodak moments!! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 4, 2011, part I

"We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him."  I Samuel 1:27

 On May 4, 2011 my life forever changed.  It is one of the sweetest days I will ever have and one of the most proud days of Gray and I's marriage.  The birth of our first son, I still can't believe I'm actually saying that!!

The day started out very early, we had to be at the hospital at 7:00 am.  After very little sleep I woke up with my swollen eyes and stuffy nose and began to get ready for the biggest day of my life!  I eagerly hopped out of bed when the alarm went off and began getting ready.  I gave myself plenty of time but couldn't seem to finish a task, I was so excited/anxious/nervous all at the same time!  I curled my hair (I had to look my best to meet Nolan) and Gray and I did the finally packing would've thought we were moving into the joint!

I walked into Women's East holding my diaper wreath and a baby bag, all the nurses commented on how sweet the wreath was!  Thank you Emily, she made it for my shower and I kept it with anticipation of it going on the hospital room door.  We had to spend the morning in a triage room because all the rooms were taken but my nurse assured me when I got out of surgery I would go straight to a room.  The triage room was a little cramped but Gray and I didn't know any different so it worked out fine!  My nurse was great, we went through a series of questions, I met with the anesthiesologist and several others throughout the morning.  Dr. Newman called my nurse about 9:00 am and asked if I was ready and my nurse said I still needed more fluids so Dr. Newman said she was going to take another patient and my c-section would run a little behind schedule.  The anticipation from 9:00 on was crazy...I knew the call would come for me to get to go back I just didn't know when Gray and I were so excited!

About 10:35 they finally came and got me and said we were ready!  Gray came with me to the O.R. but had to stay outside while they did my spinal.  That felt like an eternity to me and Gray.  In the O.R. there were so many people and so much going on.  I really like all the nurses and the anesthiologist.  My only request to the anesthiologist was that he not land me in the wheel chair olympics!! He said it hasn't happened yet and he wasn't planning on me being the first!  The spinal really wasn't that bad, it felt really funny but went well.  The stinky part was they tilted the table with my head downward then side to side to make sure the spinal got evenly distributed.  I told them that if I was someone who enjoyed drugs and out of body experiences this was way to go. However, I did not enjoy it!  They did quite a few tests for my feeling and we waited on Dr. Newman. There was so much going on around me but I was in quite a haze I couldn't tell you much about it.  They finally let Gray in and Dr. Newman came in shortly after.  While scrubbing down Dr. Newman came over and prayed with us.  She told us that she had told her husband before leaving this morning she was excited about today because she was getting to deliver our baby and how we had a story similar to theirs (2 miscarriages).  I hate it that we have both experienced that but it gives her such empathy which I appreciate more than anything!

Once she got in and started it seemed like minutes until Nolan was born!  I felt a lot of strong tugging on my stomach, they told Gray to stand up because he was coming!!  I couldn't even believe little boy was about to be seen!!  As soon as they pulled him out I heard him cry!!  Dr. Newman asked them to quickly lower the sheet so I could see him....he looked PERFECT!  I could not believe he was mine and I would be his mom!!  At 11:08 Nolan Edward Ange was born!!  They called Gray over to cut the cord, although I couldn't see it I think he did it with ease!
 They had to take him and get him cleaned up and weigh him before I could really see him up close.  I just kept looking over where he was and telling Gray take pictures, I hated that I couldn't really see everything that was going on, Gray did a great job of taking lots of pics!  The nurses were also really great to take pictures for us as well!
Technically, our first family photo!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Day...

Our last day as a family of 2 (3 if you count Ross!) was not anything like we planned but still a good day!  Gray had been planning on just working a 1/2 day and had a sub lined up.  When the tornadoes hit and we were out of school Thursday, Friday and Monday he definitely reconsidered and thought about just working the full day on Tuesday (5/3).  We are both so glad that he just kept his sub and worked 1/2 day!  I have gotten sick over the past 2 days and when I saw Dr. Newman yesterday she gave me a shot and a 1 day z-pac (called z-max) and she also gave me a prescription to give to Gray so he won't get sick either.  I was really thankful when she offered to treat us both.  The bad news, the treatment kind of back-fired on Gray!  After we researched today, the medicine is very hard on your gastro-intestinal system...which would explain why he was up until 3 am last night before with awful stomach pains!  I didn't have stomach pains but just couldn't sleep and part of it probably had to do with the fact I am sick and I couldn't breathe out of my nose and my throat was so dry and hurt, I just hurt!

I had saved several errands to run today thinking today would be my last day of freedom and I could get stuff done!  Well, a night before of no sleep and feeling pretty bad didn't work in my favor.  The only thing I did end up doing was going and getting a manicure/pedicure which I do rate that in the necessity category! :)  When Gray got home from school we ate some lunch and tried to take a nap.  I was so worn out but couldn't sleep...I did rest for a little while though which my body definitely needed!  Gray was able to sleep for a short period of time then he went to Wal-Mart for me with a small list of a few things  I needed. 

Other things just didn't get done but it's definitely not the end of the world.  I am leaving my house not quite as clean as I would like it, but Nolan isn't going to know if our master bathroom was scrubbed, is he?!  Like I said, not my ideal day but I should know better (from past experiences) than to assume that everything will go exactly how I have it in my head!  :)

I say all that to say, Gray and I couldn't be more excited to welcome Nolan Edward into our family tomorrow!!  We just can't believe it's here!  We kept saying all day today, "this time tomorrow we'll have Nolan!"  We think Ross has a clue because he's been extra sweet and clingy to us the last few days!  He knows he's not going to be #1 around here....poor guy!!  Gray and I feel so blessed and honored to become parents in less than 24 hours!!  It just feels very surreal!  I'm really hoping to feel better tomorrow but I'm also hoping Dr. Newman will pump me with some new drugs along with all the other standard c-section meds I will be getting!  I REALLY want to feel great and enjoy my first day as a mom!!  Gray is really wanting the same for himself, he has taken it very light on the food today and he's hoping his stomach will cooperate tomorrow!

If you think about us, pray for us!  This is such an exciting time for Gray and I, we don't want other things to overshadow the biggest day for us and our marriage as we welcome Nolan!! We couldn't be more excited/anxious/nervous at the same time!  We are going into uncharted territory for both of us! 
Love you all!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter - Ode to the Nave/Kittle Family

We went to Easter Saturday church this year which was really nice!  Our church started a Saturday service in March and we have gone a few times and really like going on Saturday's!  On Sunday morning we slept in (as much as I am sleeping in these days....) and had a calm morning with a yummy breakfast.  We were invited to go to Holly's moms for Easter lunch.  The first time we ate Easter with them was 4 years ago (pretty sure) and it's kind of been a tradition since.  Dianne (Holly's mom) is a wonderful cook and she takes amazing care of Gray and I!  She's our Ringgold, GA mom and Dukers Ringgold, GA grandmommy. At her house and with Eric and Holly we just feel like family, I love it!  I have learned at her house nothing is off limits at the dinner table which has turned out to be pretty funny!  Dianne just makes Gray and I laugh so hard, she's hilarious!

It's so nice to have family to call on when you don't have real family around.  Dianne, Eric and Holly have been that for Gray and I in Ringgold!  I would like to think that we help them too, but I think it's more of a take than a give on our end of this relationship!  We check in with each other and that's totally my kind of personality!  I love to have someone to check in with and to be checked on!  I appreciate them so much and am proud to call them my Ringgold family! 

Just to make everyone jealous here's what Dianne does for us....walks Ross during the week while we are at work, buys him treats so she can give him one everyday, makes us dinner at her house and ocassionally drops of a meal in our fridge, (note: we aren't talking about a normal dinner here people, we are talking food for days!), in the summers provides a pool for us to lounge by, takes us out for birthday dinners!  I know there's more but that is all in the fore front of my mind right now! I was telling a friend about Dianne not very long ago and she said, "she does all that for you?!"  With a huge smile I replied, "yes!"  :)

While our house has been for sale Eric and Holly and Dianne have been great helping us with Ross and there have been a few times that Eric and Holly have come home and Ross has just been at their house! It's nice to have neighbors that you have a key to their house (and they have a key to ours) and we know if we ever need anything we can just go and get it....regardless if the other is home or if you are able to get a hold of them! 

I hope I have shown my love for them!  I do love them, our Ringgold, GA family!!!!

I have a few pics I will post when I'm able to get on my computer!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

37 weeks, part II

So, I totally forgot to mention in my previous post about being 37 weeks and why it was a big week!  It was a big week pregnancy related because I'm 37 weeks along but there was a lot more going on in the Ange house as well!

After several long days of going back and forth with another couple, we have a contract on our house!  We spent most of the time going back and forth about closing date (should've spent more time on the $$$ side too...these people are getting a STEAL)!  Our (first) final agreement was to close on May 31st.  This was absolutely horrible for Gray and I, I would have a 3 1/2 week old baby and this seemed truly unfathomable.  At the same time, we had a contract on our house we have spent almost 6 months on the market we had to take what we could get.  I dreaded telling anyone that I know well what our closing date was because anyone with sense that cares about me and my sanity knows that May 31st is horrible timing!  I did have some people (Debs) give me stern and fair warnings about my body and what I couldn't do to help during this time.  I totally agreed and basically Gray and I agreed he would have to do everything and I would just have to relinquish control....yeah....that's the worst part for me.  I even decided that I would probably need to just leave our house with Nolan and spend the day somewhere else on moving day so I wouldn't be "tempted" to give my opinion (aka - take control)!!  Don't misunderstand me, Gray is MORE than capable of pulling this operation off...I just seem to have some control issues.  Side note:  this statement is not to be used against me at a later time, I'm admitting it...get off my back!!  :)

Well, in true God form, He stepped in and saved the day!  The day after we signed the paperwork to close on May 31st (and a somewhat sleepless night) I was at work and got a text from our realtor.  She said we weren't going to believe it but the people checked with their landlord and their lease wasn't up until June 22nd and they would pay a penalty if they left early so closing had to be moved to June 22nd!!!!!  How AMAZING is that?!!  Gray and I had truly been praying during the week and really struggled with our initial closing date and God worked it out COMPLETELY!  What's ironic is at one point in negotiations, the buyer had offered to close on May 27th but let us rent until June 15th.  The next day they came back and said they checked with their landlord and he said they couldn't rent until the middle of the month that's when we settled on the May 31st closing date.  The people (I assume) lied about talking to their landlord because if they had, they would've found out about their lease agreement and known before we did all the paperwork the first time that they couldn't close on May 31st.  Although that is a little frustrating, Gray and I are just so thrilled that the date worked out and it was even beyond what we originally had thought or planned with these people!  God totally stepped in and took care of the situation!  We are so thankful!  During this week, we were doing devotions and one of them was about peace and just praying for God's peace.  We prayed for peace and came to terms with a ridiculous closing date...but God took care of us!  This showed me more than ever that God is into the details of our lives, I'm excited!!

Obviously, there are still a lot of things to be worked out with this contract but I feel like God is completely in control!  There is so much going on and so much I could stress over but for now I'm going to relax and know that God is in control, not me!

Friday, April 22, 2011

37 Weeks, Big Week!

37 weeks has been a big week in the Ange house!  Nolan is weighing in a 6 pounds, 7 ounces and looking good!  The ladies doing the ultrasound seem to think he's going to have chubby cheeks and a head of hair!  Gray and I find the hair thing a little ironic (G may be a little jealous - kidding Gray!) and we also think he has a baby mullet!  :)  It's so weird that they ultrasound techs (I call them techs, have no clue what their official title is) can look at the baby and say, "oh look at that hair!"  To me, it looks like a lighter gray around dark gray.  I have learned to pick up on certain things on the ultrasounds but I have to give the ladies credit that have done mine, they have been wonderful!! 

Also on the ultrasound this week we got to see Nolan doing his breathing exercises which they told us was something they look for and expect to see at this point!  It's so amazing to see his little body working already!  The only funny/sad thing was the little guy was sleeping and didn't want to be disturbed so she had to use the sound/vibration technique to get him up and moving! I feel bad but know it doesn't hurt him!  I am glad that Gray got to see it so now he knows what I'm talking about! 

Nolan is still breech and I am content with that!  I have my mind ready for a c-section and would almost be taken back if that wasn't how he was delivered!  I am starting to feel the aches of pregnancy.  It's not awful by any means but just the little things and my legs still feeling like I've run a marathon by the end!  My check in with Dr. Newman was pretty brief this week, but my love for her continues to grow! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthing Class

Gray and I attended a Child Birth class this past Tuesday and Thursday nights.  We have been so busy this spring and I knew it was something I wanted to do but also knew it wasn't a necessity but something I really wanted to have the experience of.  Gray was more than willing to go and once the day came I was really excited.  The class was taught at my ob/gyn's office by a labor and delivery nurse at Women's East which is where I plan to have Nolan.  The nurse was very thorough and Gray and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!  We took a tour of Women's East which was great, I had been there before to visit friends but got the in's and out's of the hospital by the nurse.  What I appreciated most about her throughout the class and during the tour was her candidness about the hospital and what we can do to make our stay there more enjoyable.   For example, she told us which ice machine to use for the better ice!  It's the simple things people!  She was very honest about their procedures and definitely informed us as our rights as patients.  She said that if you have a baby in the middle of the night, the night nurses are more likely to try and take your baby to the nursery for a bath....she said we can request (demand) that the baby be cleaned in our room and they will do it.  But, you have to ask.  There are just so many things I wouldn't have known we had a say in had we not attended this class! 

After Tuesday, I was a little disappointed that she didn't cover c-sections much but she covered the procedure thoroughly on Thursday.  Gray and I were really glad she did and we both feel better about the whole thing!  Gray is still saying that no one can convince him that c-section isn't the way to go!  I have mixed feelings but do feel like with a c-section (going in with it planned) you know what to expect.  Whereas with a vaginal delivery you could end up with an emergency c-section after hours of laboring.  One thing we asked the nurse was about Gray cutting the umbilical cord and if he would be able to with a c-section.  She looked at us kind of funny and Gray said, "well, we've heard no that it's not possible."  (side note:  she knows who my dr. is because we had to tell her when the class began)  She said, "well, it's not hospital procedure but Dr. Newman is our only dr. who will allow dad's that privilege during a c-section.  It drives us all crazy because it isn't supposed to happen but she allows it and we have to go with it!"  I know she isn't happy about this, but Gray and I are thrilled!! Thank you for being a rule breaker Dr. Newman!  Hopefully that will still be the case when we have Nolan!

All in all, it was a great experience.  We had some good laughs, the videos were really dated....but we just had fun and it made the excitement of having Nolan that much more real! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break!

Gray and I had such a great spring break!  This is the first time I have stayed home during spring break and it was wonderful!  We hung out at home and got quite a bit of stuff done around the house and errands run that we needed to take care of.  We drove to Dawsonville to the outlets one day.  I was so excited because they have such great stores!  Between Gray and I, all we bought were several gifts and clothes for Nolan!  Welcome to the rest of your life Gray and Sara.  :)  It was funny though because we were just as thrilled looking and buying for Nolan as we were for ourselves!  We really haven't shopped and actually bought for Nolan until now so it was so fun!  We got some cute little summer outfits for him and a few to have in a few months!

The highlight of my week was cashing in on a Christmas present that Gray had gotten for me, a spa day!!  At Christmas he gave me a gift certificate to Hair Benders where I get my hair cut.  The gift certificate included:  massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, hair cut and color.  It was AMAZING!  If you redeem everything on the same day they will get lunch for you and you have lunch between the pampering sessions!  I think the massage was my favorite, my legs feel like I've been running a marathon.  If carrying a child and walking constitutes as a marathon then I just finished the race and won first place!!!  My "hinges" (for you Jake, really my hip flexors) have been killing me lately.  The rest of the day was equally as wonderful and peaceful!  I was kind of worried I may get antsy and feel like I needed to get out and do something.  Throughout the day I just reminded myself that wasn't my time to think about what I needed to get done at home it was a day to relax and that was what I was going to do!  I absolutely LOVED every minute of it, well done G-luv!

Gray's week consisted of getting buff for Nolan's arrival and beating old men at racquetball!  I think he really enjoyed his hours time he got to spend at the gym!  I am just so thankful he's feeling good that he can do all of that, we are both thankful and praying he continues to feel good for Nolan's arrival and the first few weeks of our time with Nolan!  If you think about it and want to pray for us, that's definitely an area we could use some prayer in!

We are back to the grind on Monday.  I only have 3 weeks of work then my maternity leave starts!  I have a lot to do in these 3 weeks, but I am so excited I know it will fly by!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Manic Monday...

I am now going to Dr. Newman's office on Monday's and Thursday's until Nolan is born!  That was the recommendation from the high-risk dr. so that is what I am doing.  On Monday's I have an NST (non-stress test on Nolan) where I just lay in a recliner with a remote in hand (awesome) and they hook me up to machines and monitor Nolan's heart rate and movement for about 30 minutes.  This week was my 3rd time to do it so I know what to expect and hasn't been a big deal.  Every Thursday I have an ultrasound and see Dr. Newman just for a check-in really.

This was the first day of my spring break so I literally rolled out of bed, got a quick shower and headed to the office at 8 am.  I did eat in the car on the way but I hadn't paid much attention to Nolan's movements because I was in a hurry.  The nurse called me back, got my lazy-boy reclined and said she was having a hard time picking up his heartbeat.  After about 5 minutes she said she needed to go check in with the ultrasound tech and work me in with her so we could see the baby and make sure everything was alright.  (note:  panic mode starts here)

I told the nurse I was starting to freak out and she says, "don't worry yet, we'll tell you when it's time to worry."  Well, that didn't ease my mind too much.  I get set up in the ultrasound room and tech comes in and says, "so, you haven't been feeling your baby move this morning?"  I explained to her I rushed to the office and hadn't been paying attention.  Then she asked why I was having an NST done and I told her it was because of Nolan's 2 vessel-cord.  She started the ultrasound and started doing measurements on Nolan.  I waited about a minute and said, "Shelly, is my baby alive?"  Shelly says, "yes, here's his heartbeat right here" and she let me listen to it.  COME ON Shelly!!  Throw me a bone, that could've been discussed when she first started looking at him!  For the record, Shelly is my favorite there but I do think it could've been handled slightly better.  (The person's name is changed to protect the lady...I refuse to talk trash about an actual I used a fake name = classy!)

Turns out, Nolan looked fine and was weighing in at 5 pounds, 5 ounces!  Next, Shelly sat me in a waiting area and I kept waiting.  About 20 minutes later another nurse walked by and I asked her if everything was ok, why was I waiting?  She said that Dr. Newman wanted to see me just to check in with me and let me know things were alright.  Granted, the nurse gave me no huge reason to panic....but I of course did!! Monday's are not my days to see Dr. Newman so I didn't understand why she would want to see me. unless she found something wrong.  I called Gray and he was on his way home from the gym.  I expressed my fears to Gray that things just didn't seem right so after a minute debate he decided to drive up to meet me (with gas prices at $3.50 a gallon, why wouldn't he?!) 

I got into a room and called Gray again to find out where he was and telling him I was starting to think a little more rationally and surely she wouldn't have me sit and wait if there was something really wrong.  Gray said he wasn't far away.  Dr. Newman came in and I immediately explained I may have had a small freak out and Gray was on his way so she would know he would be walking in soon.  Dr. Newman felt horrible and she assured me that Nolan was great, he was still breach which made it very difficult for the nurse to pick up his heartbeat on the NST.  She said if there was really something wrong she would've been there immediately and to not doubt that!  We discussed him being breach and she said she would like to go ahead and schedule a c-section so that I would be on her schedule and if he flips we won't worry about it but at least it would be in the works.  So, I officially have a c-section scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th!  Still not positive on how I feel about this but most importantly I want Nolan to be safe and healthy.  We talked about his 2 vessel-cord and how this may be his best position to get what he needs right now.  Unless Nolan makes a move...May 4th is his Birthday!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baby Shower - Part III

My 3rd baby shower was hosted by some wonderful ladies of a bible study I go to once a month, Behind the Bench.  The bible study is led by Dinna Spradlin, Dinna and her husband Greg are our region FCA leaders and since Gray and I lead FCA at the high school we have had the privilege of getting to know and love Greg and Dinna!  Behind the Bench is a bible study for coach's wives and it's fun to get together with women from around the area and encourage, laugh and pray together!  The shower was a diaper shower and once again, Gray and I were totally blown away and blessed by how much people are exciting for the arrival of our little Nolan!  I didn't get any pictures (total fail...) but trust me when I say we had a wonderful time, laughed and cried, it was just a sweet time! 
I have to give a small plug for Dinna, I just love her!  She is so great and spent countless hours with me after my dad passed away and just listened while I cried and tried to talk through my tears!  She was truly such an encouragement to me and has been over the past 3 years! I am so thankful for her and Greg and their ministry not only to students but their commitment to watching marriages and coach's grow in the Lord!  Thank you Dinna, I'm so thankful God placed you in my life!!  Love you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Baby Shower - Part II

My awesome friends Emily, Melissa and Leah banned together to give Nolan and I such a sweet shower!  They out-did themselves with decor and food!  Emily had asked me about foods I would like and my only request was that we have regular size cups (I'm thirsty, people) and the more food the merrier...of course!  I was so blessed by all the people who came and are excited about Nolan's arrival.  On the way to the shower I was feeling so excited to see all the people that mean so much to Gray and I and have prayed diligently for us to have Nolan!  The morning started out hectic because someone wanted to see our house that day and there was just a lot to get done before the shower started.  As shower guests arrived I was so excited and there were so many people there (several traveled a long way to come) and I know I just didn't "work the room" well because there were quite a few people there!  After we all went through the food table people went around and said how they knew me.  I just began to cry!  I was surrounded by so many wonderful women who have walked the journey with me, this shower was more than about welcoming was about God answering our prayers to be parents!  Thank you to everyone who made this day SO SPECIAL for me! 

My other wonderful friend, Holly, offered to be the official photographer for the day!  I love how she captured so many of the details around Emily's house!
Me with the hostess' - Emily, Melissa and Leah

Diaper Wreath (I am going to bring this to the hospital to put on our room door!!) Such cute details - spoons, burp cloths, toys!

Chocolate Fountain = Awesome

They had a book for everyone to sign to Nolan, the book is On the Night You Were Born.  I can't wait to read it to Nolan when he comes!

The spread

How wonderful are people?! 

Kate, Mary, Margaret, Marcus (sleeping), Allison and I.  My FL cousins!!

My mom bought the whale pillow sham and sheet for Nolan's room!  Thanks, mom!

My Mother-In-Law and I

Dianne (Ringgold, GA mom and Ross Duke's GA Grandmommy), Holly, Debs

Me with the 2 soon-to-be Grandmas!      

I can't say thank you enough to all the people who came to help us celebrate and welcome Nolan!  I love you ladies!! There are several other blogs dedicated to Nolan's shower too:  Tracy's, Emily's, and Holly's thanks for the blog-love! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cleaning and Cleaning...

I just have to say I have not updated the blog because things have been CRAZY at the Ange house.  Remember how we had NO ONE look at our house for 2 months?  Well, we are making up for lost time for sure!  In the past week and a half we have had 6 showings!  Gray and I have perfected the Lysol shuffle!  If only I didn't work full time, this is stressing me out people!  Poor Ross, keeps getting put in the car and driven around Ringgold when he doesn't go to Eric and Holly's!  Between the Kittles' and Holly's mom - Dianne, Ross has been well taken care of while so much is going on!

We did have someone make an offer last week.  We countered back and apparently our counter offer was too much for him because he didn't counter back.  We were kind of disappointed only because we were both hoping this grueling process would be over soon but we will keep vacuuming until the right person comes along!  

I'm still not caught up on my rest and those who know me well know I require A LOT (Debs, #8, Holly and probably lots of other people but these are the few I can think of off hand that have vocalized their awareness of the fact....)!!

p.s. those of you who are remembering this post are probably thinking, "is she dumb...she left her retainers and bra on the counter OF COURSE her house hasn't sold!"  I promise....that was a 1 time occurrence that will not be repeated!!

Baby Shower - Part 1

Over a 4 day time period, I had 3 showers for baby Nolan!! Yes, 3!!  It was so fun and people were gracious and generous beyond what Gray and I could have ever imagined!

Part 1 is dedicated to my work peeps who have been so wonderful to me!  They are SO excited for Nolan to come and have helped me in praying for him before he was ever conceived!  Gwen and her husband have specifically been praying for a "healthy, christian baby!"  (the Christian part started out as a joke but I think it's stuck!)  :)  There were so many wonderful people involved in making our school shower extra special:  Gwen, Terri, Jeana, Stacie, Alli, Cynthia, was awesome! I can't even tell you how much I love the people we work with and how wonderful they have been to us!  They have seen me through a lot of tears and we are all just so excited to celebrate for Nolan's arrival!

To make things extra special for our day, we were able to plan it on the day my mom flew into Chattanooga so she was able to drive to LaFayette just in time to make it for the shower!  I am so thankful she was able to come and be apart of that with me!  When I walked outside to greet her, Debs was wearing a pin that said, "I'm the Grandma"  it was adorable!  This little guy is loved so much already, I can't even imagine when he comes!

A HUGE Thank You to all the great people we work with!  I hate that I didn't get a picture with the Guidance Ladies or my other "work peeps!"  Love you guys!!

Here are some pictures that Jeana took for me (thanks Jean!!):  Side note - it was St. Patrick's Day (why we're all in green!)

Diaper Cake made by Stacie and Leah.  Sign with Nolan's name made by Katie Quinn!:)
Me, Debs and G checking out the spread!
Me and Stacie....not our best pic but I love her!  She has been such a wonderful friend!
Gwen is behind me and Terri is beside me.  Terri made this amazing quilt for Nolan!  He is so loved already!