Sunday, May 15, 2011

Proudest Daddy Around!!!

Gray is SO in love with Nolan...I better watch out because Nolan definitely has his dad's attention!! It is so sweet!  Because of my c-section I wasn't able to do as much in the hospital and Gray just stepped up like he's been doing this forever!  I couldn't believe how much Gray did without hesitation or question of himself....I found myself asking Gray if he thought certain things I was doing was right or not!  Gray was a pro at suctioning Nolan's mouth (which had to be done frequently the day of his birth), G was the main burper (and still is), Gray handled all the diapers (unless he lucked out and a nurse was checking Nolan then the nurse would handle it).  I didn't change a diaper until we came home!  Gray has just been amazing, I never doubted his greatness but he hasn't been around newborns either so I didn't know what he would do!  Gray and I have had a strong marriage,  I am more in love with him now than ever before!  He is looking out for Nolan and I and truly being the dad God has called him to be!  I love my baby daddy!!!  :)
Here are some pictures of Gray with Nolan in the hospital...
Gray took the majority of pictures we have from the hospital and I was able to take a few of him as I could!  I love this man and this baby!!

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