Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Before Christmas, Gray and I went to River City Pottery in Chatt. to paint a Christmas ornament.  I told Gray I wanted to buy one and he suggested we go and paint one!  We have done this before and I really want to make this more of a tradition for our family!  We went with our friends Dan and Leah and they had Logan and Tatum with them.  Logan was so cute to pick out the right purple for her ornament!

Earlier in this week, Gray and I had really been thinking about what we wanted to name Jr-Jr (although some will still call him that and I like it!)  :) Gray had brought up the name Nolan a while ago and I didn't not like it, just wasn't sure I wanted Nolan to be my son's name.  Well, the more time that went by and the more Gray would subtly bring it up Nolan began to grow on me!  So, I told Gray I think Jr-Jr might really be a Nolan after all.  Gray was really excited and I'm glad because he can officially say he came up with this name!

I am not the most decisive person you have ever met so when Gray and I were talking about painting an ornament I asked him what he thought about me putting Nolan's name on it.  He loved that idea and I was worried that I might change my mind.  I decided to go for it and Gray painted an "N" on his "moose."  Side story....Gray really painted a reindeer but he claims it's a manly that guy!

We had a great time and it was fun for the first time to officially name our sweet boy, Nolan!  (yes, official to me is painting a name on an ornament!!)