Monday, March 28, 2011

Cleaning and Cleaning...

I just have to say I have not updated the blog because things have been CRAZY at the Ange house.  Remember how we had NO ONE look at our house for 2 months?  Well, we are making up for lost time for sure!  In the past week and a half we have had 6 showings!  Gray and I have perfected the Lysol shuffle!  If only I didn't work full time, this is stressing me out people!  Poor Ross, keeps getting put in the car and driven around Ringgold when he doesn't go to Eric and Holly's!  Between the Kittles' and Holly's mom - Dianne, Ross has been well taken care of while so much is going on!

We did have someone make an offer last week.  We countered back and apparently our counter offer was too much for him because he didn't counter back.  We were kind of disappointed only because we were both hoping this grueling process would be over soon but we will keep vacuuming until the right person comes along!  

I'm still not caught up on my rest and those who know me well know I require A LOT (Debs, #8, Holly and probably lots of other people but these are the few I can think of off hand that have vocalized their awareness of the fact....)!!

p.s. those of you who are remembering this post are probably thinking, "is she dumb...she left her retainers and bra on the counter OF COURSE her house hasn't sold!"  I promise....that was a 1 time occurrence that will not be repeated!!

Baby Shower - Part 1

Over a 4 day time period, I had 3 showers for baby Nolan!! Yes, 3!!  It was so fun and people were gracious and generous beyond what Gray and I could have ever imagined!

Part 1 is dedicated to my work peeps who have been so wonderful to me!  They are SO excited for Nolan to come and have helped me in praying for him before he was ever conceived!  Gwen and her husband have specifically been praying for a "healthy, christian baby!"  (the Christian part started out as a joke but I think it's stuck!)  :)  There were so many wonderful people involved in making our school shower extra special:  Gwen, Terri, Jeana, Stacie, Alli, Cynthia, was awesome! I can't even tell you how much I love the people we work with and how wonderful they have been to us!  They have seen me through a lot of tears and we are all just so excited to celebrate for Nolan's arrival!

To make things extra special for our day, we were able to plan it on the day my mom flew into Chattanooga so she was able to drive to LaFayette just in time to make it for the shower!  I am so thankful she was able to come and be apart of that with me!  When I walked outside to greet her, Debs was wearing a pin that said, "I'm the Grandma"  it was adorable!  This little guy is loved so much already, I can't even imagine when he comes!

A HUGE Thank You to all the great people we work with!  I hate that I didn't get a picture with the Guidance Ladies or my other "work peeps!"  Love you guys!!

Here are some pictures that Jeana took for me (thanks Jean!!):  Side note - it was St. Patrick's Day (why we're all in green!)

Diaper Cake made by Stacie and Leah.  Sign with Nolan's name made by Katie Quinn!:)
Me, Debs and G checking out the spread!
Me and Stacie....not our best pic but I love her!  She has been such a wonderful friend!
Gwen is behind me and Terri is beside me.  Terri made this amazing quilt for Nolan!  He is so loved already! 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have a big week this week and so much excitement, I can't even tell you!!  I am officially 32 weeks pregnant this week, 8 months pregnant!  When I was telling my mom this she said that couldn't be right because I have more than 4 weeks left of pregnancy.  Well, this is just a mean're really pregnant for 10 months not 9 people!  I thought I could blame it on Obama, but I heard this before he was President!  So, only 8 weeks to go, how weird/scary is that?  It is VERY exciting but the reality is pretty overwhelming, I still don't think I've come to terms with all the changes.  I know the changes are wonderful changes but it's going to be an adjustment.  An adjustment that I have prayed for and God has prepared me for but an adjustment none the less.  I can't wait to see Nolan and just hold him!

Last week we went back to the high risk dr's and saw the best dr. yet!  He was funny, intelligent and related well to us.  Obviously, I want a dr that is knowledgeable about what is going on with our baby but "bedside manner" is huge to me and this man had it all!  Basically, he said Nolan looked great and he didn't have any major concerns!  Awesome!  Nolan is weighing in at 3 lbs and 10 oz, growing like crazy!  He said if I wanted to continue to see him I could, but he was fine to release me to Dr. Newman that he has worked with her a lot and had full confidence in her.  I have no problem finishing out with Dr. Newman.  The only catch is that he said I will have to come in 2x per week until the end of the pregnancy to have a stress test done on Nolan just as a precaution.  Some babies with the 2 vessel cord decline in the final weeks so he wants to be sure we keep a close eye on him.  Again, he has no worries or concerns with Nolan specifically, just being cautious.  I am fine with cautious, it is going to pose a dilema with work because my school is a good 45 minute drive from the Dr's office but thankfully I work with great people and they will work with me however I need them to.  I am very fortunate!

My mom comes on Thursday and I can hardly wait! When I saw her at Christmas I was showing some but not really feeling Nolan move and she definitely couldn't feel him move.  I told her the other day I can't wait for her just to sit next to me and feel him moving!  We have a deal that the weekend will be titled:  ANAW!!  It stands for All Nolan All Weekend!! I told her to get ready, it's baby mode time!  Of course, she is just as excited as I am!  I will report about all of the events after the weekend wraps up! 

What is going to keep me from sleeping tonight is the outcome of our Maternity Pics that my awesome friend Holly finished and posted today!  They are SO AMAZING!  I just love them and can't quit looking at them!  A while back I had asked Holly to do the pics and she graciously agreed and I had mentioned I would love to have them taken on the Lee University campus since that's where "it all began."  I am so thrilled and just honored that Holly took the time to give us an amazing memory!  Thank you Holly, you're the best!!  (Click on her link to go directly to her blog to check out the pictures!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Looking like a fool with your:
  • dog in the chair
  • retainers on the sink (x2 since we both listen to our orthodontist)
  • dirty dishes in the kitchen
  • bra in the bathroom
  • carpets not vacumned
  • stinky trash in the kitchen
Yep, this would sum up the house showing we had this week!!  I got a text at work at 2:07 that someone wanted to see our house between 2:30-3:30 that day.  I called the realtor's office freaking out because Ross was at home and I knew I left the house in NO shape for people to be viewing it.  I explained our situation to our realtor and she called the showing agent and of course "this is the only time they can come."  So, they come.  To my embarassment.  Really.

A few things to note:  Yes, I know we have a lock box on our door which lends our house to showings whenever.  It was POURING down rain all day, I just knew when I left the house no one in their right mind would be out looking at houses on a day like this one!  I worked until 6:30 the 2 nights before and the night before we went to an FCA banquet and I didn't get home until 9 because I went straight from work to the banquet.  I was exhausted and barely threw myself into bed the night before only to get up and do it all again the next day.  Have I given enough excuses why I should be ok with the list of mortifying things?

Gray and I pretty much know we sealed our fate on this one.  We haven't heard anything back (which isn't totally shocking or an indicator either way).  All I could do was laugh as I walked through the house and saw all that we had left out and not done.  On the other hand, every other showing we have busted our tails to have the perfect "no one really lives here house" and have seen no fruit from that.  I guess we showed them!  For real though, lesson learned....I will be putting my unmentionables away every morning before I leave for work! :)