Monday, July 11, 2011

blogging failure.

Well, I haven't blogged in a month and a half. I lay in bed and think about all the stuff to blog about and it's overwhelming!  There has been so much wonderful for us and so much "are you kidding me?!!"  in the past month and a half!  The wonderful would be our amazing Nolan!  We just love that guy like no other!  I don't know how Gray is going to go back to work because so many times during the day we call each other over (stop whatever you are doing) and come look at the cuteness in front of us!!  We are totally in love with him!! I have so much updates about him, he is changing so much!  Of course, we think he's the cutest ever and everything he does is adorable...even when he cries!! 
The "are you kidding me?!!" is our house.  A week and a half before we were supposed to close, the girl who was buying our house couldn't get her loan approved.  Note to self:  don't take an unpaid vacation the month before you are supposed to buy a house!!!  AAAHHHHH!!  Gray and I were really disappointed to say the least!  The good news is, about 3 weeks later (one week ago) we got another contract on our house.  I'm not convinced this person is much smarter than the the original offer she wanted our bedroom set WITH OUR MATTRESS!  Do you really want a strangers mattress??  I am trying not to be too skeptical but already in my mind this lady has, "I'm going to take an unpaid vacation this month" written all over her.  (it wasn't just the mattress, a few other things too!)  As of now, we are set to close on or before August 5th!  We are planning to get back to FL before then, just not sure.  Add that to the list of unknowns in our life. 
One thing we do know is we have a precious baby that is the sweetest guy we have ever met!  Gray and I are loving every day with Nolan Edward Ange!!!

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