Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Round 3.

I'm titling this Round 3 because I'm pretty sure this is my 3rd come back!! hahahaha!! 

We are in Florida in our new house and loving every minute of Nolan Edward!  This kid keeps us on our toes, Gray and I are amazed at how much we love him and how adorable we think EVERYTHING he does is!!  It's so funny!!  I've been trying to get Nolan sleeping in his own bed (that's for another post) but last night we couldn't seem to leave his room because we just kept watching him play instead of sleep then when he finally fell asleep we couldn't seem to walk away because he looked so adorable!  Note:  when I say, "leave his room" I mean the doorway trying not to be seen.  My husband is not so good at the being quiet part...he just wants Nolan to know so bad that he's there and Gray wants to swoop in and pick up Nolan SO BAD!  It's kind of hilarious although I'll be the one to calm Nolan down if Gray gets him up.  Gray has officially been threatened with his life if he wakes Nolan up again!! 

The first night we had Nolan in his bed, Nolan fell asleep pretty easily and I was thinking this is going to be easier than I thought!  Little did I know Gray thinks the baby monitor is the coolest invention ever.  Side story:  I guess guys don't know about or ever pay attention to a baby monitor.  I never thought about that until recently; I knew all about baby monitors from my babysitting days and seeing them at friends' houses.  Gray, not so much.  Back to the original story, I had the monitor on the "voice activation" setting (not on purpose), as my sweet little man is sleeping in his crib I hear a loud cry come out and run in to see my little man awake and Gray looking guilty but laughing REALLY hard.  I was frustrated because I knew Gray did something just not sure what.  Gray kept saying, "Sara, I'm sorry but that was hilarious!!"  I sternly told him waking Nolan up was not hilarious!  Gray said, "you didn't hear that?"  All I heard was Nolan crying....Gray went up to the monitor base and using his arm pit made a loud farting noise (which woke Nolan up)!  Because of the setting of the monitor it didn't pick up the farting noise, just Nolan crying!!  Gray thought he was so funny, I admit, I did laugh but after I got Nolan back to sleep...again!!


  1. dear Sara - this story made me laugh. please move to Texas so Cody and Gray can be friends. sounds like they are 2 peas in a pod.


  2. Sara,

    I am waiting for a 4th come back....